Enjoy Your Snow Day: How You Can Create a Snow Day Self-Care Routine in 5 Simple Steps (and not lose your mind)

by Suzanne M. Harvey


We’re having an historic winter storm. We’re buried in snow and stuck at home. We have two snow days, at least. While I work from home all the time, now I feel trapped! My normal routine is out the window, I knew I needed to find some at home ways to take care of me today, so I don’t go crazy mom on anyone. I started to brainstorm some simple ways that I can incorporate my self-care routine on these snow days. Here is my snow days self-care routine with five simple steps for enjoying your snow days.


#1- Sleep in… a little.

If you’ve got a snow day, you don’t have to get up so early since you aren’t going to the office & you’re working from home, there’s no commute. You have a few extra minutes in the morning. Set the alarm for a little later or just hit that snooze button an extra time (or two) today, and stay snuggled in, toasty & warm under the covers. Then you can be more ready to tackle your work from home day!

#2 – No Makeup Day!

One of the best things that we can do for our skin is skip makeup. But no one wants to go outside without makeup on, especially not to work. But hey you’re working from home today, so this is your opportunity. Get up and do your morning routine, then skip the makeup. If you do have zoom meetings, just use a filter and move along. No one will really notice that you don’t have your makeup on, I promise! And it will be great for your skin.

#3 – Enjoy Special Snacks.


I know we’re trying to be healthy & take better care of ourselves, but sometimes you need to treat. And there’s no better time than a snow day to enjoy a special treat. Whether that’s girl scout cookies, your favorite ice cream, or your secret stash of chocolates that you never, never, never share with the kids. Today is the day to enjoy them. Just remember tomorrow, you’ve got to go back to your normal, healthy eating. For today, relax and enjoy.

#4 – Home Spa Treatments.

This is one of my favorite things to do, especially on a snow day. It is cold outside and your skin is really dry in the winter. Doing some fun, spa activities, can really make a big difference on these snow days. Not just with how your skin feels but how you feel too. Try out your favorite face mask. Don’t have one you love try one of these. Apply your mask, get some work done, let it do its magic. Then in a few minutes, wash your face and enjoy that fresh face feeling.  

Another at-home spa treatment that is great for snow days is an exfoliation treatment. Grab your favorite sugar & salt exfoliator (here’s mine) and give your hands and feet a little scrub. Then apply some luxurious, silky, extra hydrating lotion (this one is amazing). There’s nothing better on a cold, winter day.

#5 Family Movie / Game Night


Your family has been cooped up inside too. You all need to let loose and have some fun together, so schedule a family game or movie night.

On snowy days, when you know all your evening activities are canceled and you’re stuck inside, make the most of it. Grab the family curl up on the couch with a big warm blanket & a giant container of popcorn (our family’s favorite). Watch your favorite movie or grab your favorite board game, set it out, and laugh. Enjoy time with your family. If you family is supper competitive like ours, try Cobra Paw – it’s simple but fast & fun!

So whether today is a snow day where you are or not, you can use these tips to create your own snow days, self-care routine. Take the extra time you have today to relax, recharge and enjoy!

What snow days self-care tip will you try?

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