Are You Tired? Get Better Sleep in 5 Simple Steps

by Suzanne M. Harvey


Adulting is hard. We run ourselves ragged and push our bodies & brains to the limit. And it leaves us exhausted. You may not be ready to make changes to your schedule or lifestyle, but some small tweaks to your evening can make a difference in the quality of sleep you are getting. When we are little we have a bedtime routine that helps us unwind and prepare for sleep. Guess what? Grown ups need a bedtime routine too! Are you tired? Get better sleep in 5 simple steps.

So many struggle to fall asleep. Did you know, we need to help to trigger our body & mind that it is time to relax and get ready for sleep? Establishing your bedtime routine will send the signal to your brain and body that sleep is coming. It will take some trial and error but starting with this framework, you will get better sleep in 5 simple steps, starting tonight.

Simple Step #1 – Start Your Nighttime Routine Earlier

The average adult needs 7-8 hours of sleep per night. With a morning alarm of 6am, you need to be asleep between 10-11pm. Wouldn’t it be nice to drop into bed at 10pm and be instantly asleep. Since that isn’t usually what happens we need to reverse engineer what time we need to start the night time ritual so we can be sleeping by 11p. In order to get the routine figured out, start getting ready with the following steps about 30 minutes earlier than you usually do.


Simple Step #2 – Take a Bath or Shower

Even as an adult a bath or shower can be a key element in your nightly routine. Why? The warm water will elevate your body temperature slightly. Then in your cool off afterward, your body will work harder to lower the body temp and this makes you sleepy. Add a 15-30 minute bath or shower to your nighttime routine and sleep better.

Simple Step #3 – Turn off Devices

The light from our devices can interrupt our melatonin surge (the sleepy hormone) and keep us from falling asleep. The melatonin starts to ramp up around 8pm – 2 hours before our bedtime. Now is the time to start shutting down all those devices – phone, tablet, computer, TV, etc. If you are used to using these devices to fall asleep, try starting with an hour before you want to go to bed until you get into a routine.

Simple Step #4 – Turn Down the Temp

A cooler room will help you sleep better. Experts say the ideal temp is 65 degrees Farenheit. If this seems too cold for you, try moving the thermostat down, just below 70 and see how you do. A bit of trial and error and you will find your sweet spot for the temp in your room. You can also experiment with cooling mats, bedding or adding a fan to keep you cool and sleeping deeply.

Simple Step #5 – Turn off the lights

Do you sleep with the light on? No judgement here if you do. Many of us get used to sleeping with a low light on in our room or the hallway. Whether the light is emitted from a device or a night light, exposure to light around bedtime can interrupt your melatonin production. That keeps you from sleeping well. Get your room as dark as you can to improve the length and quality of your sleep.

Good sleep habits make us healthier. It allows our cells time to recharge and restore, improves our memory, boost our immunity and so much more. Implementing this plan with help you get better sleep in 5 simple steps. And you will wake refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to tackle your day.

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