An Encouraging Word: 5 Ways to Share Your Words

by Suzanne M. Harvey


Special occasions often lead us to think about the person that we’re honoring and to think about what they mean to us. But why does this only happen on special occassions – weddings, birthdays or worse at a funeral. Let’s make an effort to share our words with them, what they mean to us and how they’ve impacted our lives. Let’s call out the amazing things that we see in them whenever it comes to mind instead of waiting for a special occassion.

At my birthday party last fall, my precious friends did exactly this. Each of them went around the table sharing words of encouragement, inspiration and love. They shared how they felt about me and how my life impacted them. It was an incredible experience. And one that I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

We all know our words are important and they matter. Our words have power. How can we make this a habit in our life? I want to share five practical ways that you can share your words with the people that you love, your friends, and even with strangers. We all want to make a difference in this world.

#1 Send a Text


So the first way that we can do this is to send a text message. We all have our phone in our hand, 24 7. We often think about friends or family members throughout the day. And they’re happy thoughts, wonderful memories or something about who they are and how that makes us feel in a positive way. Let’s use those devices in the best way possible. Next time that you have a thought about a friend, a coworker or a family member or a neighbor, grab your phone and send a quick, encouraging text.

#2 Write a Note

The second simple way we can share our words is to write a note. I know I’m going super old school here. There is nothing better than going to the mailbox and buried in the stack of bills and junk mail is a handwritten note from a friend. It’s my favorite thing in the whole wide world because I know that it took effort. And it’s something tangible I can cherish. I have a file where I keep special cards and notes.

There’s something so special about taking even just five minutes to write a quick note. To tell somebody that you’re thinking about them, you’re praying for them or you appreciate something that they did.

And it’s another tangible way to show the people that you care about with your words.

#3 – Talk to a Stranger

A third way that you can use your words and make them matter for somebody else is to stop a stranger in the store. Don’t panic! There are times when we can ignore our mother’s warnings about stranger danger. Now if you’re not an extrovert like me, this could be a little scary. You don’t have to do it every day. But if you notice something like their outfit or they’ve got a really cool haircut or It’s a mom and you notice that she’s struggling and her kid is screaming and it’s a little chaotic. A few kind words can make all the difference in the world. I want to challenge you, whether introvert or extrovert, talk to a stranger. We’re adults we’re allowed to do that.

Next time you’re walking through the aisles at Target, and you see somebody, you can smile and even just say, hello. You might be surprised at the response you get.

#4 Pick Up the Phone


The fourth way that you can share your words to be an encouragement to someone else is to make a phone call. I know, I know, it seems crazy and nobody talks on the phone anymore. But maybe you have a precious relative who doesn’t text. Pick up the phone, call them. Tell them that you were thinking about that and that you care about them, check in and see how they’re doing and what’s going on in their life.

As little girls and teenagers, we talked on the phone for hours on end. We built deep, meaningful relationships that way. It doesn’t have to be an hour long conversation. Block out 10 or 15 minutes for a call to your parents, a friend, or your grandparents. Or that favorite aunt that you miss, that you haven’t talked to in ages. It will mean so much to them and you will gain so much joy from a small amount of effort.

#5 Talk to the People You Live With

There’s one more way we can simply share our words and make a difference, every day. Talk to the people that you live with. So often the people that we live with get our leftovers. We put so much effort into work and all of the public things we do. We make the assumption the people that live in our house (our spouses, our partners, our kids) they just know how we feel. Of course, we love them. Yes, in most cases they do know because we’re acting that out and we are seeing those things on special occasions. But let’s make it a daily habit. Freely give our most important, most valuable words to the people that are closest to us.

As you seek out ways to use your words, make sure that they matter and to make sure that the people that matter to you have heard those words. I hope that you’ll keep these five ways in mind. you are encouraged and this will spark some creativity. And that you will create a habit to share your words and making a difference in this world.


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