7 Simple Tips for Younger Looking Skin

by Suzanne M. Harvey


Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought “Where did that wrinkle come from? Why do I look like I’m 10 years older than I really am?”. I have some great news for you – I have 7 simple tips for younger looking skin that I want to share with you today. Anyone can do these, every single day, and you can actually start to take age and years off of your face. Want to know the best part? No injections and no surgery are needed. It’s possible to look years younger without surgery. Sound good? Let’s get started.

Simple Tip #1 – Wash Your Face


Make sure you wash your face everyday. Ideally you want to wash your face twice a day – morning and evening. Whether you wear a lot of makeup or not, we’re out in the environment and stuff gets stuck to our skin all day long. We need to make sure that we’re getting all of the stuff off our faces. The longer that sits on your face, the faster your skin will age. No one wants that to happen! Find a quality facial cleanser. (Side note – If you have sensitive skin, make sure that you use a cleanser specifically designed for sensitive skin. Traditional anti-aging products could be too harsh for your sensitive skin). Otherwise what you’re looking for a cleanser with an exfoliator in it. This will slough off the dead skin, and all the junk from the air, plus your make up. All of that makes our face start to look dull and tired. Plus it can cause those pesky wrinkles to appear without warning.

See, that was simple.

Simple Tip #2 – Use Sunscreen EVERYDAY

The next tip is make sure you are applying sunscreen everyday. Even in locations where the sun is not too strong (like in the Midwest) you need to protect your skin from the suns rays. Whether you are in the Midwest or the Northeast where the sun isn’t as strong or in the Southeast, Southwest, California or Florida. You need to be careful. Minimal exposure to the sun outside can accelerate the aging of your skin.

Make sure you’re using an SPF that’s at least 30 or higher. Also make sure you are applying it to your face, as well as, your chest, arms and your hands. Sitting in the car, through the car window, you are going to get those UV rays. Protecting your skin with SPF will keep you looking younger.

Simple Tip #3 – Drink Your Water


You must drink a substantial amount of water. All of the creams in the world will not change the look of your skin if you’re not taking care of the inside of your body. The best thing that we can do for our body is drink water. There’s all kinds of information out there about how much we should be drinking – anything from 64 ounces to half your body weight in ounces. If you have trouble drinking enough water, add fruit to your water (lemon, berries, melons) and use a special water bottle. My favorite water bottle has encouraging statements on it and times to drink. It keeps me motivated and helps it make it a little more fun to drink my water.

Simple Tip #4 – Hydrate & Moisturize Your Skin

Your skin needs moisture every day and extra moisture in drier climates or seasons. Find a quality face serum & moisturizer to take care of adding moisture and then locking it in. Adding this combination to your routine, both day & night, is optimum for younger looking skin. It’s also an extra layer of protection on your skin when you head outdoors. My favorite hydration & moisturizing duo for daytime, Active Hydration Serum and Redefine Triple Defense (available in lotion or cream) give you all the benefits you need to get your youthful glow back!

Simple Tip #5 – Eat Your Berries

We can get the best, most luxurious, amazing results producing skincare and not get the results we want, if are eating junk. You need to give your body the right fuel so that your skin will look it’s best. What goes in will greatly affect the appearance of your skin, your hair and your nails. Adding antioxidants to your diet is a great way to get younger looking skin, hair & nails. Berries are a great source of antioxidants and they taste great. They’re a great on the go snack. Around here we love smoothies. So I throw a whole handful of berries in my smoothie. Another great option is adding them to yogurt or salads.

Simple Tip #6 – Get More Sleep


We know we need more sleep. Most adults need 6-8 hours of sleep every night. Most of us don’t get enough sleep. By simply adding 30 minutes a night, gives your body more time to do all of its restorative activities. While we sleep our body is working hard, burning tons of calories and regenerating all of those amazing cells that we have – like our skin cells. Getting at least 30 extra minutes a night is going to make a significant difference in your skin by allowing more time to reveal those new, young skin cells while you sleep.

Simple Tip #7 – Stop Touching Your Face

Might be the hardest one, because we often don’t realize we are even doing it. When we lean in to listen to someone speak, or we are considering what someone has just said, we often touch our face. I do it when I am working on a tough project and thinking through solutions. And I don’t even realize it! The reality is, these hands touch everything. They’re picking up germs all along the way. Then you are transferring them from your hands to your face. EWWW!! This is one reason we we get breakouts. It can also cause wrinkles, especially when you consider how you apply products to your face. Certain areas of the face, like the skin around your eyes is quite fragile. Any kind of pulling you might do while applying make up or skincare will cause wrinkles to appear, or get deeper. YIKES!! Keep your hands off your face and avoid sags and wrinkles that make you look older.

Now what?

Pick one or two of these 7 tips for younger looking skin and add them to your daily routine and watch the clock wind backwards. Remember every small step we take improves our skin. With consistency over time you will start to see the results of your effort and it will be worth it. Want my list of top anti aging products to help you on your journey to look younger? Read more…

Here’s to looking years younger without surgery & having confidence in the skin we’re in!


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