5 Lessons from Saturday Mornings: What My Son Taught Me About Self Care

by Suzanne M. Harvey


Are you tired after a long week, only to find you have so much more to do on the weekend? All those projects, the laundry, the dishes, all the cleaning – still waiting for you to get around to it. It can be exhausting and overwhelming to get to the weekend and realize you still can’t relax. I am right there with you. I hustle all week to help amazing women and then I get to Saturday and there is this giant list of household chores & errands that still need done. You may be wondering, “Where is the time for me?”. All the self care talk feels ridiculous and frivolous. Who has time for that stuff? But all the research tells us that it is a must. And our kids have a lot to show us on this. My son has taught me so much about self care. Here are the 5 lessons from Saturday mornings.

#1 – Tell Your People What You Need


WOW! This is an important one. When we get to the weekend, he is done. He wants to chill out and he makes sure we all know it. He is clear that he doesn’t plan to do anything or go anywhere. And we can too. This isn’t a foot stomping, laying on the floor full out tantrum. This is simply letting the people that depend on you know what you need, what you can and can’t do right now. Clear communication will help you and those around you.

#2 – Spend a Day in Your PJs

It is hard to get him dressed on the weekend. If we have to go somewhere he will ask with all seriousness if he can just wear his pjs. They are comfy and that is how he wants it on the weekend. If you work from home you may be feeling like you live in your pjs (at least on the bottom). Figure out what is ‘comfy’ for you – maybe a pair of jeans & a tshirt or your favorite leggings & a flannel shirt. Whatever it is, spend the day wearing that!


# 3 – Do What You Love

He spends his time watching his favorite shows, building Legos & playing Minecraft. All the things he loves to do. You may be thinking “I don’t know what I love to do. And I don’t have a hobby”. Well now is the time to find out. Try something new – take a hike, read a book, paint some pottery. If you take a little time to try something new you won’t regret it.

#4 – Get Moving

And there is always time outside riding his scooter when the weather is nice. Or building a snowman in the winter. And now he is lifting weights with his dad. He always makes time to move his body. We all know we need to move more. And simply adding a bit more physical activity can be the best thing to recharge your body, mind & soul. This is not the high intensity workout here (unless that’s your thing). A quick walk outside in the sunshine could be just the thing you need.


#5 – Take a Stand

He doesn’t want to spend his weekend running around or doing things. He wants to stay home and chill out. This doesn’t mean I let him run the show and not ever do anything or go anywhere – that’s not real life. And I don’t tolerate fits here. What is does is start a discussion. We work together & figure out a plan. But I better understand what he needs. And we are both learning how to set boundaries here. Be clear & firm about what you need. And do it with love!

What if we as women followed his approach? What would life look like if we intentionally took time to do what we love, to move our bodies & rest? And what if we told those we love & live with what we needed by setting clear boundaries? How much richer would our lives be if we unplugged and took even a few hours for ourselves for the things that bring us joy and recharge our batteries. I can only imagine how different our lives would be and how differently we could then tackle all the things that need our attention.

Are you willing to join me? Maybe these lessons from Saturday morning could be just what you & your family need. Simply start with a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday. Even baby steps can really make a difference. And when we take care of ourselves we can pour so much more into our families, our communities and our work.

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