4 Ways to Make Your Self-care Affordable

by Suzanne M. Harvey


Depending on how you define self-care, it can seem too expensive and then you decide you can’t do it. While some self-care activities like days at the spa or girls’ weekends can be expensive, there are ways to incorporate self-care into you day and week without breaking the bank. Remember when we were kids and we wanted something. We would get really creative about how to get the money for what we wanted and stash every penny in our piggy bank until we had enough saved. Maybe that’s what you need to do for your self-care and get it done. Want to start taking care of yourself but think you can’t afford it? Try these 4 ways to make your self-care affordable.

#1 – Review Your Spending

Money doesn’t go as far as it used to that’s for sure, but there are always ways to spend better. So start by taking a look at how you spend your money. Simply keeping track of spending for one typical week can help you see where the money goes. And this is your 1st step to taking care of you. How you might be asking? When we have knowledge about our money it reduces our stress around money. Especially if you are like me and it makes you nervous.

#2 – Re-allocate some spending to self-care

Did you discover an area where you were spending more than you realized? Could you do something different in that spending area and move some of that money to your self-care budget? I know some ladies that started making their fancy coffees at home. Others who did meal planning to save money on their groceries. And other women started a side gig to have money for their self-care fund. What ways could you re-allocate money in the budget to your self-care?

#3 – Pick activities that are free or low cost to enjoy

Not all self-care activities are ‘expensive’. There are so many options that are low cost or free and can still provide the self-care you need. Start making a list of activities that you enjoy, that help you relax and make you feel recharged. Then schedule them and ENJOY!

#4 – Watch for discounts or savings programs

Today more than ever, there are savings programs and discounts available that can help you save money and make taking care of yourself more affordable. You can purchase your favorite protein powder as an Amazon subscription to save money & keep you on track. Maybe the local day spa has a membership program that offers discounted services for members. Also look for VIP or preferred customer subscription options for your favorite products like my PC Perks flexible subscription. These provide convenience that includes discounts and simplifies ordering – saving you money and time!

Viewing self-care as an expensive luxury we can’t afford will keep us from doing it. Finding ways to make it affordable and budget-friendly is a great motivator to take care of ourselves. And when we can take care of ourselves and save money that’s a big win in my book. Take time this week to try these 4 ways to make your self-care affordable. Make sure to let me know what is working for you.


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