4 Steps to Begin a Rest Day Practice

by Suzanne M. Harvey


You’ve probably heard about a rest day in reference to workouts, but did you know that your whole person needs a rest day? There are so many benefits to taking a full day of rest each week, to recharge mentally, physically, and spiritually. You may be thinking that a whole day would be impossible. But what if you could begin a rest day practice with a few baby steps that move you toward a full day? Would you try it? Each goal we have is more easily reached with tiny steps in the right direction. Ready to dip your toe in? Try these 4 steps to begin a rest day practice.

#1 – Pick Your Day

The best way to reach your goal is to make it easier for you. To start, select one day a week that you could find some time for rest. When considering your day, think about your typical schedule. If you normally work every other Saturday, don’t pick this day. You want to find the day with the least responsibility so you can move toward having the full day available in the future.

#2 – Pick An Activity


Now it’s time to brainstorm. Make a list of activities that are relaxing for you. It could be reading a book or talking a walk. Maybe you just need a nap. Whatever activity feels restful for you should go on the list. Don’t edit this list, because you will need to experiment with time available and see which activites are the right ones for your rest day practice. My rest practice includes reading, walking, naps and church.

#3 – Pick a Date

We know that what doesn’t get on the calendar doesn’t happen. Take the day of the week you selected, choose one activity (try something under an hour to begin) then find the date in the next 2 weeks that works to try it out. Finally put it on your calendar and set a reminder (or two if you need a bit more encouragement to follow through).

#4 Relax & Enjoy

It’s the day you’ve planned. Get ready for your rest activity and do it! This step might be the hardest. I promise with some practice you will get used to this new way of living. You will look forward to this day each week and will be able to relax and enjoy it. At the end of the day, review how it went. Did this day of the week work well? How was the activity that you chose? If either of those didn’t work out, it’s OK. Make the adjustments and get the next one on the schedule within a week or two (don’t wait longer than that – you need lots of practice).

These 4 steps to begin your rest day practice will have you on your way in a way that works for you. You have flexibility to select the day of the week and the activity that suits you best. The activities can change as needed but I do recommend keeping it on the same day each week to create the habit. Eventually you will find yourself guarding that time like a pirate’s treasure and enjoying all the benefits of a rest day.

Make sure to connect with me and let me know how these simple steps are helping you create a rest day practice.

You’ve got this!


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