3 Reasons You Will Feel Better When You Live in Your Natural Rhythm

by Suzanne M. Harvey


We’ve all heard the old adage “The ‘early bird’ gets the worm”. Sounds great right? With so many books promoting this idea, it’s easy to think that this is the ‘best’ way to be. Everything will get done on the to do list if we simply get up at or before the crack of dawn. What if you aren’t naturally an early bird? There is plenty of information out there explaining the steps to training your mind and body to become a a moring person. But what if there was another option, that allowed you to be who you are and still feel accomplished at the end of the day? And what if you could this without guilt or shame about not being a ‘morning’ person? Here are 3 reasons you will feel better when you live in your natural rhythm.

#1 – Finding your natural rhythm is easier to start & maintain long term

When designing a schedule that feels natural to your rhythms it is much easier to get started. You don’t have so much internal resistance to the process. You aren’t struggling to make your mind & body do something that isn’t innate. And when you discover the daily schedule that fits your rhythm it is easier to maintain it for the long term. That is the goal after all! Spend a week being aware of your schedule and try to notice when you are most productive and when your energy dips. This is will give you some clues to your natural rhythms.


[On my journey to discover my rhythm, I took a quiz & read the corresponding book that really helped me better understand and implement my rhythms. PS – if you are curious, I am a bear. Curious? Read more here.}

#2 – No more guilt or shame about who you are

Have you ever felt shamed and/or guilted by ‘experts’ or friends that praise the glories of all you can do by getting up earlier. Guilt & shame do us no good. They don’t motivate us to change. And anyone making you feel less than is not OK. Those do not lead you or me to better results or even wanting to try something new. Embrace who you are and the natural rhythm of your body, mind and spirit.

#3 – Work smarter, not harder


Another great reason to live in your natural rhythm comes when you discover that working in your sweet spot actually makes you more productive – without working harder. Yes please! Your mind will be focused and ready to tackle what needs to be done. Then you can feel free to follow this with resting because you know you were productive. And when you need a boost, creating this pattern of working and rest in your natural rhythm will make that 2nd wind way more useful then simply pushing through when your tank is empty. You will be working smarter not harder and that is a huge win!

Now What?

Whether you an early bird, a night owl or somewhere in between, let’s agree to kick shame and guilt to the curb. You have a natural rhythm. You don’t have to feel bad about it. We should embrace it and make the most of it. Take some time this week to evaluate your current routines & rhythms to discover your sweet spots of productivitiy and rest. Then begin to make adjustments your schedule to better suit your natural rhythm. You will love your results and see you do feel better when you live in your natural rhythm. You will feel better in mind, body and spirit with a sense of accomplishment and hope at the end of the day.

What is your natural rhythm? Are you a night owl, an early bird or an early owl like me?


Living in our natural rhythms will reduce your stress. Want more ways to reduce stress? Watch my latest video here.

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